Scrambled Egg Whites on Toast

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I’m exhausted! One month from today I’ll be competing in the Bacon category at World Food Championships in Orange Beach, Alabama. It’ll be my 3rd try at that elusive brass ring. My first try out of the gate I finished in 6th place. Last time I was 2nd runner up. And while I LOVE LOVE LOVE  the adventure, the travel to fun new places, and the new and deep relationships I’ve developed with so many amazing people, I’m also DEEPLY invested in the competition aspect. That bridesmaids dress is getting pretty tattered. It’s time to be the bride! (No, David and I aren’t getting married. It’s a metaphor!!!)

I can truthfully say that I’ve spent at least SOME time EVERY day working on my recipes. Even on a special night out at the theatre, I found myself completely lost the middle of the first act because I had been thinking about the plating of my structured build!

I’ve changed my signature dish more times that I have fingers, and I’m still trying out Top 10 dishes. (There have been 7 completely different ones so far). I’m either taking home that big check, or I’m gonna go down swinging.

Consequently, I’m so sick of food right now I can’t see straight. And poor David is on bacon overload!!!! After days of working, followed by evenings of recipe testing, followed by weekends of recipe testing, the last thing I wanna do at the end of the day  is spend another moment in the kitchen. Sorry honey. Unless you magically come home with a bucket from the Colonel, dinner for the foreseeable future  ain’t  gonna be more interesting than ….. Scrambled Egg Whites On Toast.


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