I’m Going To Hell For This One!

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OK, so there is this new recipe contest online. And even though the prize money is small, they’ve used the magic word. CRAZY! Berk’s Hot Dogs is sponsoring a CRAZY Hot Dog Contest. They’ve even got a picture on the website of a hot dog banana split. So…I just HAD to do it. I just HAD to. Meet The Bacon …


I Dreamed I Went To Manderlay

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If you get that reference then you’re as much an old movie buff as I am. If not, basically I’m just reminiscing about my youth. Last night we went to a concert. I got free tickets and they were pretty good! Floor seats! The line up was The Little River Band, Eddie Money, & Rick Springfield. Now do you get …

Lemon Blueberry Tarts

You Eat With Your Eyes First

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Boy, when food looks good, it seems to taste even better, don’t you think? The celebrity photographer that shot my food this week made everything look even yummier than it already was! And he was so happy with the result, he made me an open offer to come over and shoot more of my food whenever I want! LOVE HIM!!!!! …


Food Porn

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Had a food photo shoot yesterday with celebrity photographer Eric Scot and I’m so pleased with the pictures I can’t stand myself! We had such a great time, he’s coming back tomorrow for more! Here’s some of the shots he did of my BLEU CHEESE, BBQ BACON SLAW IN CABBAGE CUPS How’s THAT for “Farm To Table”?

A Nice Way To Wake Up

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We Olive 2014 Recipe Contest Winners Announced! Congrats! Your recipe, Citrus Marinated Chicken & Artichoke Skewers has been chosen as the winner for the  Thousand Oaks store! You will receive a $100 gift certificate to We Olive & Wine Bar Thousand Oaks, as well as an invitation to the Paso Robles Olive Festival and Grower’s Dinner following the festival, on August 16th, …

Cooking Contests Are An Addiction

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I don’t quite know when it happened, but it seems that every morning when I wake, the first thing I do is look online to see if there are any new recipe/cooking contests that I can enter. And it almost doesn’t matter what the prize is. I’ve entered (and won many) contests with prizes as small as $50 to as …