Maple Walnut Mochiko Cake

Gluten Free Does Not Mean Taste Free

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One of my besties…a cute little blonde from the middle of Colorado who also happens to be an AMAZING cook, has a Japanese boyfriend. Consequently, she has taught herself to make some of the best Asian food I’ve ever eaten. While trolling through her kitchen cabinets I found Mochiko flour. It’s the sweet rice flour used to make Mochi. But through …

Bacon Matzo Ball 2

Saucy & Sassy!

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OK dear readers, this one may just get me banned from ever attending another bar mitzvah. It’s a reimagining of the dish that sent me home in the final round after annihilating the competition in the 1st 2 rounds on Guy’s Grocery Games. If only I’d had some Saucy Mama products on that show, the ending might have turned out …

Braised Bacon Purses

Now This Recipe is REALLY Saucy!

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I’m having a bit of a love affair right now with Saucy Mama products. There are just so many wonderful flavors to choose from! And they all really compliment my favorite pork product in spectacular ways. So here’s a little view into the recesses of my brain. It might seem like a lot of steps, but it’s really not. It’s …


A Flair For Fillo

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So, for the 2nd time in 3 months I have won the Athens Make It Fancy With Phyllo Contest! And, as karma would have it, I came home from the market with…yup, 5 boxes of Athens Mini Fillo Shells…and was literally juggling them with my left hand while opening the mailbox containing the congratulatory letter and check with my right! …