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It’s 5:00am and I’m sitting here in a bathrobe, wet from the shower, coffee beside me, quadruple checking that I haven’t forgotten anything and waiting for David to wake up in about 20 minutes to take me to the airport. It’s that time! WFC time! But first…..

I live across the country from my parents so any chance I get to see them, I take. And flying from Los Angeles to Pensacola for World Food Championships, it was a no brainer to stop in Ft. Lauderdale for a few days beforehand to see them. Or was it? Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and I’m excited to see them. But when I think of the extra week the rest of my competitors have to practice, I wonder if I made the prudent decision. My parents are in their 80’s with various health concerns, so feeding them copious amounts of ┬ábacon probably isn’t the wisest move. I guess practicing my dishes this week just isn’t in the cards.

So, FIRST, it’s 5 days with the folks. NEXT is the WFC Blogger Conference. Finally, a full week from today is WFC. All my non-perishable are packed and coming with me. All my pots/pans/utensils etc. are packed and coming with me. All my clothes are packed and coming with me. The only bags I will open for the next 5 days are the carry on backpack holding my t shirts and shorts, and the carry on cooler carrying my perishables. (I hope my mom has cleared sone space in her fridge!).

So, dear readers, I’m off! Time to put on my yoga pants and flat shoes for the full day of flying on 2 different planes and at 3 different airports and praying all my essential luggage makes the same flights I do! No please excuse me while wake the sleeping beast who only came to bed 3 hours ago even though he KNEW what time we were leaving.


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